Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live blog: MSU scores late TDs, but lose to Badgers

By Anthony Fenech
Free Press Special Writer

11:45 a.m Sept. 26, 2009

Fourth quarter

14:56: The Wisconsin student section is jumping around, their Badgers are driving and before I could finish this sentence, they've scored again.

13:41: Winston takes the handoff, runs directly into his offensive lineman, fumbles, Wisconsin recovers and looks for the kill.

12:41: A few plays later, the hat trick for tight end Garrett Graham. Tolzien finds him wide, and I mean wide, open streaking into the end zone.

38-17 Wisconsin and this one looks signed, sealed and delivered into the victory column with almost a quarter to play.

10:10: Cousins sacked on fourth down, a lot of Badgers clock-killing to follow ...

3:53: Nichol pressured on third down, heaves the ball to the end zone where it's brought down by safety Chris Maragos, Nichol's second interception and fourth Michigan State turnover on the day.

2:07: Spartans putting together a nice drive, Nichol to Keshawn Martin down to the 2-yard line but looks like a touchdown as Martin stretches across the pylon.

0:15: Nichol connects with Keshawn Martin on a 91-yard touchdown pass, splitting two defensive backs, sneaking behind and running untouched from there.

Third quarter

13:48: And there's the jolt State needed. Running back Zach Brown loses the handle on the pitch and Michigan State recovers.

11:31: Cousins over-shoots a receiver in the back of the end zone. Brett Swenson on to attempt the field goal.

Good. 21-10, Wisconsin.

6:56 Wisconsin pushing in Spartans territory, although a block in the back penalty just negated a big gain for Wisconsin. Break for Michigan State.

41-yard field goal is good and Wisconsin answers Michigan State's field goal with a clock-killing seven-minute drive.

1:25: Cousins throws another laser, this time to B.J. Cunningham, who twists and turns mid-air while juggling the ball before coming down with it for the touchdown.

Second quarter

13:06: Third down, touchdown Spartans. Cousins to Dell. Threw it up and The Computer came down with it for six.

8:55: The tight end posted up just inside the goal line, the pass came low and it appears -- from slow television frames -- that Graham got his hands underneath it.

7:30: The two-quarterback system rears its ugly head early as Nichol misses a wideout deep down the field, instead connecting with a Wisconsin safety for an interception.

2:57: Toon's reception puts Wisconsin inside the five and the complementing personal foul facemask puts them a yard out, where two plays later John Clay lumbers in for the touchdown and a 14-point Badgers lead.

0:00: Bielema decides to run the clock out on the first half, not something I necessarily agree with, especially with the Spartans yet again reeling.

First quarter

14:00: MSU is flagged for kick-catch interference on the ensuing punt and Wisconsin begins with very healthy field position just inside the MSU 45.

11:11: Two three-and-outs for the Spartans thus far.

6:00: Wide receiver Mark Dell walks off the field gingerly after an incompletion from Cousins.

5:08: Flag on 3rd and 5, pass interference on Wisconsin, the Badgers linebacker wrapping his left arm around Blair White's hip for the call. First down MSU.

3:00: Interception Wisconsin. Cousins locks onto Blair White and Wisconsin Linebacker Mike Taylor reads it and steps in front of the pass.

1:22: What do you get when you mix a holding call and dropped touchdown pass on one play?

A touchdown pass the very next, Tolzien to tight end Garrett Graham, a nice throw-and-catch for six and a Wisconsin lead.

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