Wednesday, January 19, 2011

'Project 989' debuts Thursday

My name is Fenech, his name is Stover, and we’re starting a podcast.

It’s called Project 989, a thrice-weekly sports conversation from the college perspective of two guys majoring in Sports Fandom, and starting tomorrow, it will be featured on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

During the week, we’ll cover a variety of local and national topics in a quick-hitting, 8-minute format of free-flowing sports talk, and always with the kind of personality that makes us think we’re qualified to do such a thing.

Each Friday, we’ll bribe someone to sit down for an interview with us so we can bring to you a down-to-earth look at a variety of local figures, from coaches to athletes, students to professors and maybe, if we’re lucky, that really cute bartender from last weekend.

Every once in a while, we’ll steal one of your other favorite CM Life personalities from their boring lives, like Sports Editor Aaron McMann, Senior Reporter John Evans or if we’re really desperate, Editor In Chief Jackie Smith.

And since we’re both losers and spend the majority of our time watching or writing about sports, we don’t have a lot of friends, so we would like to encourage you to be our friends.

You can do that by listening to our podcast multiple times each day, by telling all of your friends to listen to our podcast multiple times each day, or by sending feedback to

Yes, only good feedback will be read and in case you’re wondering, no, Stover does not know how to write.

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