Monday, May 16, 2011

Trammell appreciates scout who signed him

By Anthony Fenech / | 05/16/11

PHOENIX -- Dick Wiencek met Alan Trammell in 1976 at his family's Southern California home, shortly after the Tigers made the shortstop their second-round Draft pick.

"He's the guy that signed me," Trammell said. "He recommended me, so I'm very appreciative."

Wiencek passed away Sunday from complications of a heart attack in Southern California. He was 85.

The D-backs' bench coach was among six Major League players signed by Wiencek that year -- a Major League record, according to the Professional Baseball Scouts Foundation -- and one of 72 players signed in Wiencek's career, also a Major League record.

"He was a great man," Trammell said. "I owe a lot to him and I give him a lot of credit because of his knowledge and expertise of going a little bit deeper and finding things. He took a chance on some guys and it worked out for him and me."

Wiencek began his playing career as a player in the New York Giants' system in 1947 and became a professional scout three years later. Besides Trammell, Wiencek signed upcoming Hall of Fame inductee Bert Blyleven, Mark McGwire, Jim Kaat and Graig Nettles.

"He had quite a career," Trammell said. "In my opinion, he took a chance on me and I'm glad he did."

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