Thursday, June 2, 2011

D-backs working on on-field communication

By Anthony Fenech / | 06/02/11

PHOENIX -- Earlier this week, D-backs manager Kirk Gibson talked about how the team is always trying to improve its communication on the field.

"There are tiny communication things in virtually every aspect of the game," he said. "It's important that we watch around."

On Wednesday, starting pitcher Daniel Hudson and first baseman Juan Miranda weren't looking around, until the last second, on a pop fly that landed just in front of the Marlins dugout.

"There was no communication," Hudson said. "I didn't hear anything. Nobody called it."

Hudson was sprinting from the mound and Miranda from first base when the two collided.

"At the last second I saw him so I tried to slide and make a brace for it," Hudson said.

The collision was not serious and both stayed in the game.

Hudson said he wasn't supposed to call it but noted the situation of the game for his hot pursuit.

"I had given up a few runs and I was trying to get an out any way I could by trying to hustle after it," he said.

Communication, along with hustling and staying humble, are things that Gibson preaches on a daily basis.

"I know I've always done it, and encourage everyone else to do it," he said. "You're trying to solve this puzzle and there are clues. You see it and try to communicate."

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