Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Collmenter trying to rediscover mojo

By Anthony Fenech / MLB.com | 08/09/11

PHOENIX -- Josh Collmenter is getting back to basics.

"Working the ball down in the zone," Collmenter said of what he's been focusing on. "When I work down in the zone, everything plays off that. If I can keep my fastball location, then it makes the changeup and curveball that much better."

Collmenter has stumbled upon tough times, losing two consecutive starts -- both to the Dodgers -- and getting chased in the third inning of Friday night's 7-4 loss.

After starting the season 3-1 in his first four starts, the rookie right-hander has gone 3-6 since.

"He needs to execute his pitches better," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said. "He needs to command his fastball better, and the last couple times out he just hasn't had his fastball command."

The 25-year-old is 6-7 on the season with a 3.58 ERA.

"For me, it's just making sure I don't get too far away from what I'm comfortable with and what I do well," Collmenter said. "Sometimes I shy away from that a little bit and try to be too perfect."

And while Gibson said Collmenter is still in the D-backs rotation -- "He's our fifth starter and he hasn't lost his job," the manager said Sunday -- Collmenter said he doesn't worry about things he can't control.

"I know they're going to put the best team out there to win," he said. "And I just want to make sure that I prepare myself every time to be one of those guys."

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